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Yossi Vardi

Vardi in 2005
Born 1942 (age 74–75)
Tel Aviv, Mandatory Palestine
Citizenship Israeli
Alma mater Technion (B. Sc. in industrial management engineering, M. Sc. in Operations Research, D. Sc.)
Occupation Entrepreneur, investor
Spouse(s) Talma
Children Arik Vardi (co-founder of ICQ), Oded, and Dani

If someone has failed, that is not a deficiency for me. I think that he has more motivation. I’ve seen many examples where someone was successful first and failed later and failed first and then succeeded. If they failed in an honest way, I don’t see it as a deficiency.
Yossi Vardi
If you are afraid to fail, then you should go and become a banker.
In the end, I think that people that are not willing to take the risk to fail are not true entrepreneurs.
Yossi Vardi