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Willy Bogner Jr.

Bogner in 2014
Born Willy Herman Björn Bogner
(1942-01-23) January 23, 1942 (age 74)
Munich, Germany
Occupation Fashion designer, alpine skier
Spouse(s) Sônia Ribeiro (1972–present)
Parent(s) Willy Bogner Snr. (father)
Awards Goldene Seidenschleife
Bambi Award
Website shop-us.bogner.com
Labels Bogner

When you introduce something new to a country, you want to do it right. Generally, that means you have to do it yourself.
Willy Bogner, Jr.
I adjust my priorities according to the most important project I’m involved in at the time.
Willy Bogner, Jr.
We have been around in the States in the ski wear market since the 1950s, but now we feel we can compete in the sportswear field.
Willy Bogner, Jr.
I always try to be a universalist, not a specialist.
If we admit it or not, skiing is a little bit of show biz.
Quality has always been the overriding factor for us. But you also have to have happy people working for you.
Willy Bogner, Jr.
Our clothes are expensive. I guess you could say we are aiming at the Yuppie market. But we feel America is moving away from quantity to the desire for quality. That is what we offer.
Willy Bogner, Jr.