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William Kent Krueger

Krueger at a book signing in St. Paul
Born (1950-11-16) November 16, 1950 (age 66)
Torrington, Wyoming, US
Occupation Novelist, writer
Nationality American
Period 1998 –
Genre mystery, crime fiction
Subject Minnesota, Native American Indian Tribes, Anishinaabe (Ojibwe)
Notable works Iron Lake, Cork O’Connor Series
Notable awards Bush Artist Fellowship
Loft-McKnight Fiction Award
1998 Iron Lake
Anthony Award for Best First Novel
1999 Iron Lake
Barry Award for Best First Novel
1999 Iron Lake
Anthony Award for Best Novel
2005 Blood Hollow
Anthony Award for Best Novel
2006 Mercy Falls
Edgar Award for Best Novel
2013 Ordinary Grace

Readers anticipate that a significant element of every story will be additional exposure to the ways of the Ojibwe. The truth is that I enjoy this aspect of the work. Although I have no Indian blood running through my veins, in college I prepared to be a cultural anthropologist, so exploring other cultures is exciting to me.
William Kent Krueger
I don't know any real billionaires.
When you’re a writer, you’re always looking for conflict. It’s conflict that drives great stories.
William Kent Krueger
‘Ordinary Grace’ freed me. I don’t have to write only Cork O’Connor novels now. I’m liberated. I can write whatever I want to write.
William Kent Krueger
Write because you love the work, not because of what might come from it. The journey is the purpose. Very Zen-like, I know, but honest to God it’s the truth. And I have never had to deal with writer’s block. Knock on wood.
William Kent Krueger
I think that whether we acknowledge it or not, our opinions as authors always influence our work. How can they not?
William Kent Krueger