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Will Sergeant

Will Sergeant with an Eastwood Saturn ’63
Background information
Birth name William Alfred Sergeant
Born (1958-04-12) 12 April 1958 (age 58),
Liverpool, England
Genres Post-punk, alternative rock, ambient, psychedelic, experimental, post-rock
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1978–present
Labels Zoo, Korova, Sire Records, WEA, 92 Happy Customers, Ochre Records, Earworm Records, London Records, Cooking Vinyl, Spiffing, Proper Records, Weatherbox, 429 Records
Associated acts Echo & the Bunnymen, Electrafixion, Glide
Website 92hc.co.uk
Notable instruments
Fender Telecaster[1]
Fender Jaguar[2]
Gibson EDS-1275

I guess some fans like art and get it, others are just into the music, don’t really turn up and have an opinion. The fans that have shown interest are all with me all the way.
Will Sergeant
I am into drones and one chord freak outs and the paintings I am into are more minimal things the New York colour field painters and the soviet schools of the early/mid 20th century suprematism and constructionism.
Will Sergeant
I just like the idea of this creature or a being on the roof, you know? It’s kind of spooky.
Will Sergeant
I don't really go for the swagger thing too much.
You go through these little phases and fads, and it never turns out the way you think it’s going to turn out.
Will Sergeant