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Walter Rudolf Hess
Born (1881-03-17)March 17, 1881
Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Died August 12, 1973(1973-08-12) (aged 92)
Locarno Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Fields Physiology
Institutions University of Zurich, ETH Zürich
Alma mater University of Zurich
Notable awards Marcel Benoist Prize (1931)
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1949)

The goal of physiological research is functional nature.
The only positive finding which could be drawn from the first series, was the conclusion that the relationships obviously had a more complicated lay-out than had been thought, for the effects were so varied that no obedience to any law could be discovered.
Walter Rudolf Hess
Exact information about the functional significance of the deep sections of the brain is only obtained by working through the brain histologically in serial section.
Walter Rudolf Hess
This implies that the laws governing organic cohesion, the organization leading from the part to the whole, represent a biological uncertainty, indeed an uncertainty of the first order.
Walter Rudolf Hess
It must be born in mind that one does not see directly – as is the case in the exploration of the surface of the brain – where the electrodes are attacking.
Walter Rudolf Hess
In fact, quantitative findings of any material and energy changes preserve their full context only through their being seen and understood as parts of a natural order.
Walter Rudolf Hess
At the beginning of all experimental work stands the choice of the appropriate technique of investigation.
Walter Rudolf Hess
For man also, in health and sickness, is not just the sum of his organs, but is indeed a human organism.
Walter Rudolf Hess