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Walter Lord

Walter Lord, 1958
Born (1917-10-08)October 8, 1917
Baltimore, Maryland
Died May 19, 2002(2002-05-19) (aged 84)
Manhattan, New York
Resting place Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation Historian
Nationality American
Alma mater Princeton University; Yale Law School
Period 1952–1986
Genre Narrative history
Notable awards Francis Parkman Prize for Special Achievement (1994)[1]

You have to study the people and the ones that measure up are not always the ones you expect.
Walter Lord
There were exceptions, a couple of families that just plain didn’t want to even think about it, although forty years had passed but mostly the people were very interested in talking about it.
Walter Lord
It’s a funny thing, but today the Titanic is probably much more – that is people are much more aware of it than they were in 1954, when I was doing my research.
Walter Lord
Brilliantly lit from stem to stern, she looked like a sagging birthday cake.
Walter Lord
Events alone rarely provide much guide to the future.
I look for something that is highly unusual, involving ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations.
Walter Lord
Someone once told me the one thread that runs through them all is a premium on personal courage – not intellectual courage, but just plain physical courage.
Walter Lord
It would be nice to say the rich people, the fancy people, all behaved like bastards and the poor slobs all came through like heroes. But as a matter of fact, sometimes the poor slobs behave like slobs and the great, noble, privileged characters come off very well, indeed.
Walter Lord
I never earned a dollar that was not somehow through writing.