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Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya in 2008
Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)
In office
1 July 2010 â€“ 2 May 2016[1]
In office
10 April 2002 â€“ 9 April 2008
Constituency Karnataka
Personal details
Born (1955-12-18) 18 December 1955 (age 61)[2]
Kolkata, West Bengal[2]
Nationality Indian
Political party Independent
Spouse(s) Sameera Tyabjee (divorced)
Children Siddharth Mallya
Parents Vittal Mallya (Father)
Lalitha Ramaiah (Mother)
Occupation Businessman
Religion Hinduism

I work hard and I play hard, too. There is nothing wrong with that.
Banks are there to support businesses that have justifiable needs.
If you want India to lower tariffs and facilitate more free trade, then I think Indian producers also have a right to enter the European market.
Vijay Mallya
One of India’s biggest advantages is our young demographic and that we have a youthful population that is indeed our future.
Vijay Mallya
I live life what I consider to be normal.
Any serious airline has to look at a worldwide network.
I live the way I want to live, and I don’t comment on the way that other people live.
Vijay Mallya
I think that the poorest of the poor… look up to wealthy and successful Indians with some degree of respect and pride.
Vijay Mallya
It’s not quite right to be sitting outside India and to be judging what is happening in India.
Vijay Mallya
Rather than spend millions getting film stars, I am quite happy to be brand ambassador myself.
Vijay Mallya
I spend my own money, not other people's money.
I'm no hardened criminal who the authorities need to hunt.
My father was very clear; I had to have an ordinary upbringing. I was put to work as a lowly-paid trainee after college. I didn’t like it at the time, but I can’t help but feel that that was probably the best thing for me.
Vijay Mallya
I am pretty tough as a boss.
India has given me everything. It has made me Vijay Mallya.
Everybody keeps saying that India’s a poor country. Yes, we have poverty. But I blame the government of India, the political establishment, for their failure to educate and therefore their failure to control the poverty.
Vijay Mallya
I don't like to leave anything unfinished on my desk before I travel.
I’m not a T.G.I.F. guy. I get off a plane at 2 o’clock in the morning and I’m looking for my secretary because I want to know what’s going on.
Vijay Mallya
I run my own world, because I very firmly believe that my destiny, my future is in my hands and I don’t want to blame anybody else for the path that I take.
Vijay Mallya
At age 26, I was chairman of UB Group but living like a 26-year-old. I lived my age. Which youngster doesn’t like a Ferrari? Which youngster doesn’t like a good time?… but my contemporaries were R. S. Goenka and Dhirubhai Ambani, captains of the industry but twice my age. You wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be driving around in Ferraris.
Vijay Mallya
I’m a person who promotes the concept of accountability to a great extent, and I’ve spoken in the Parliament and reinforced the need for accountability.
Vijay Mallya
Whenever I do something, it is rooted in the Indian opportunity.
I am an honest, straight guy.
I think it is better when people with their own businesses and means of income join politics as there is some degree of honesty and integrity.
Vijay Mallya
I am an Indian to the core.
Our culture in India is not a culture where we grudge each other.
I do not believe in hypocrisy.