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Sir Tony Hoare

Sir Charles Antony Richard Hoare giving a conference at EPFL on 20 June 2011
Born Charles Antony Richard Hoare
(1934-01-11) 11 January 1934 (age 82)
Colombo, British Ceylon
Other names C. A. R. Hoare
Residence Cambridge
Fields Computer science

Elliott Brothers
Queen’s University Belfast
University of Oxford
Moscow State University
Microsoft Research

Alma mater

Merton College, Oxford (B.A., 1956)
Moscow State University

Doctoral students

Andrew P. Black
Stephen Brookes
Jeremy Jacob
Cliff Jones
Peter Lauer
David Naumann
Bill Roscoe
Augusto Sampaio
William Stewart[1]

Known for

Hoare logic
Null reference
Communicating Sequential Processes
Structured programming

Notable awards

ACM Turing Award (1980)
Harry H. Goode Memorial Award (1981)
Faraday Medal (1985)
Computer Pioneer Award (1990)
Kyoto Prize (2000)
Computer History Museum Fellow (2006)[2]
IEEE John von Neumann Medal (2011)


An ultimate joint challenge for the biological and the computational sciences is the understanding of the mechanisms of the human brain, and its relationship with the human mind.
Tony Hoare
It is easy to predict that some of the discoveries of research directed towards Grand Challenges – but only the most unexpected ones, and at the most unexpected times – will be the basis of revolutionary improvements in the way that we exploit the power of our future computing devices.
Tony Hoare
A single human brain has about a hundred million nerve cells… and a computer program that throws light on the mind/brain problem will have to incorporate the deepest insights of biologists, nerve scientists, psychologists, physiologists, linguists, social scientists, and even philosophers.
Tony Hoare
There are two methods in software design. One is to make the program so simple, there are obviously no errors. The other is to make it so complicated, there are no obvious errors.
Tony Hoare