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Tim Bray
Born Timothy William Bray
(1955-06-21) June 21, 1955 (age 61)[citation needed]
Residence Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Alma mater University of Guelph (BS)

Digital Equipment Corporation
University of Waterloo
Waterloo Maple
Open Text Corporation[1]
Antarctica Systems
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Sun Microsystems[2]
Centre for Digital Media[3]

Known for

Web standards
Co-author of XML specification[4][5][6]

Spouse(s) Lauren Wood
Website www.tbray.org/ongoing

Enterprise Systems, I mean. And not just a little bit, either. Orders of magnitude wrong. Billions and billions of dollars worth of wrong. Hang-our-heads-in-shame wrong. It’s time to stop the madness.
Tim Bray
The community of developers whose work you see on the Web, who probably don’t know what ADO or UML or JPA even stand for, deploy better systems at less cost in less time at lower risk than we see in the Enterprise. This is true even when you factor in the greater flexibility and velocity of startups.
Tim Bray
Publishing a protocol under the name Atom that tries to capture all of the prior art in this stage and might provide a good basis for winding down the syndication wars.
Tim Bray
It’s like this: The time between having an idea and its public launch is measured in days not months, weeks not years.
Tim Bray
It’s not going to be easy; Enterprise IT has spent decades growing a defensive culture based on the premise that you only get noticed when you screw up, so that must be avoided at all costs.
Tim Bray