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Sushmita Banerjee
Born 1963/1964
Calcutta, India (present-day Kolkata, India)
Died 4/5 September 2013 (aged 49)
Paktika Province, Afghanistan
Notable works Kabuliwalar Bangali Bou
(A Kabuliwala’s Bengali Wife)
Spouse Janbaz Khan

The Afghans, despite their backwardness, are a friendly lot, but the Taliban are as barbaric as the Huns from the past.
Sushmita Banerjee
I was traumatised in the medieval Afghan society at Sarana village by the local boys of Omar's Taliban who forced my in-laws to subjugate me for trying to be different. There can be Omars in other religions, too, who oppress women.
Sushmita Banerjee