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Mitchell Joachim

Joachim in 2008
Born (1972-02-03) February 3, 1972 (age 44)
New Jersey, United States
Residence New York City
Nationality American
Fields Urban design, Architecture
Institutions Terreform ONE + NYU
Alma mater MIT, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Columbia University
Doctoral advisor William J. Mitchell
Known for Fab Tree Hab,
Sustainable design,

Homer Simpson is one of my favorite people, though he's not real. He represents the American who's filled with this 'affluenza.' He's constantly exposed to consumption and a sense of bigness, which is a part of being an American.
Mitchell Joachim
I like to use the analogy of going to the gym. If you go to the gym and your goal is, 'I want to look just like David Beckham,' then that drives you to do certain things. You may never look like Beckham, but it is a goal. Cities need the same thing. They need a vision and a plan for their ideal physique.
Mitchell Joachim
I was playing in bands and doing gigs from the age of 14 on. I stopped at the age of 28. Technology replaced me. As soon as I saw what computers can do, I didn't think there would be a point for a live drummer.
Mitchell Joachim
I started playing the drums when I was 10 years old, I think because it was fun. And then when I hit adolescence around 14, I sorta liked girls, so drums became more of a passion, and I started playing in bands.
Mitchell Joachim
You don't want your marriage to be sustainable. You want to be evolving, nurturing, learning.
Mitchell Joachim
Actually it's great to be an American. I love my country.
You can pregrow a village with no consequence on the land. In fact, with a positive carbon contribution.
Mitchell Joachim
We still have very little understanding of how we can tweak form or shape at the genetic level. We certainly haven't unlocked those secrets.
Mitchell Joachim