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John C. Portman Jr.
Born (1924-12-04) December 4, 1924 (age 92)
Walhalla, South Carolina, USA
Nationality United States
Occupation Architect
Awards AIA Medal for Innovations in Hotel Design
AIA Silver Medal Award for Innovative Design
Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence
Practice John Portman & Associates

Buildings should serve people, not the other way around.
We must learn to understand humanity better so that we can create an environment that is more beneficial to people, more rewarding, more pleasant to experience.
John Portman
It is through accomplishment that man makes his contribution and contribution is life's greatest reward.
John Portman
Architects in the past have tended to concentrate their attention on the building as a static object. I believe dynamics are more important: the dynamics of people, their interaction with spaces and environmental condition.
John Portman