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Charles M. Duke, Jr.

Charles Duke official NASA portrait,
21 September 1971
NASA Astronaut
Nationality American
Status Retired
Born (1935-10-03) October 3, 1935 (age 81)
Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
Other names
Charles Moss Duke, Jr.
Other occupation
Fighter pilot, test pilot
Alma mater
USNA, B.S. 1957
MIT, M.S. 1964
Rank Brigadier General, USAF
Time in space
11d 01h 51m
Selection 1966 NASA Group 5
Total EVAs
Total EVA time
20 hours 15 minutes
Missions Apollo 16
Mission insignia
Retirement January 1, 1976

I think the future of lunar bases has to be somewhere around the South or North Pole. You have less variation in temperature and more daylight hours.
Charles Duke
My walk on the moon lasted three days. My walk with God will last forever.
The Moon was the most spectacularly beautiful desert you could ever imagine. Unspoilt. Untouched. It had a vibrancy about it and the contrast between it and the black sky was so vivid, it just made this impression of excitement and wonder.
Charles Duke
It certainly is possible to construct a moon base in such a way that crews could stay for extended periods of time.
Charles Duke
I always respected Neil Armstrong highly. He was probably the coolest under pressure of anyone I ever had the privilege of flying with. I never saw him flustered.
Charles Duke
You wouldn't want to land on the Moon and launch to Mars. That would be very inefficient.
Charles Duke
The only time I had what you would call life-threatening fear was when I was on the Moon. Towards the end of our stay, we got excited and we were going to do the high jump, and I jumped and fell over backwards. That was a scary time, because if the backpack got broken, I would have had it. But everything held together.
Charles Duke
Buzz Aldrin doesn't think we need to go back to the Moon – that we should go straight on to Mars. I'm more on the side that says we should go back to the Moon. I think there's a lot we can utilise the Moon for scientifically.
Charles Duke
Two months after I got out of test pilot school, I saw an advert that said NASA was recruiting more astronauts. The best job you could have as a test pilot was being an astronaut, so I volunteered.
Charles Duke
I think a Moon base is not necessary to get to Mars, but I think it will be helpful. It would give you a chance to develop and mature some systems; long duration, deep space stuff; and you're close enough to get some help, via radio from Earth.
Charles Duke
Of course, mankind would not have landed on the Moon in 1969, were it not for two things: conquered Nazi rocket technology and post-war anti-Communist paranoia in the United States.
Charles Duke